CostaPlots is always looking for the best plots of land. Building land is the basis for building!
The most important questions in this search are ‘What can we do with the land?’ and ‘What value can be given to the land?’ CostaPlots dives into this for you to gain insight into these questions. This requires specialist work for which we need partners in every European country, starting in Spain.

Land can be used for various purposes, this is determined by the municipalities and provinces. The owners of the plots of land are also very different. For example, the land can belong to a private individual, be a legal form, belong to the municipality or belong to the government.

All this is mapped by CostaPlots so that the foundation is laid and it is clear what can be done with the piece of land.

The value of the land depends on the purpose of the land. The destination is decisive because it determines what can be built on it. In certain cases, the destination can even be changed, creating new possibilities for the plot of land. CostaPlots has a lot of experience with this and can support you with this.

CostaPlots has a unique system with more than 3,000,000 m2 of available construction sites. This does not only concern municipal land, but also land owned by private providers.

If you have land that you want to sell, you can enter all the necessary cadastral data and we will contact you. Do you own a piece of land and do you have a good idea but does this idea cost a lot of money?

CostaPlots is willing to support you to arrange the financing. All this for a good partnership!

If you want to buy land you have also come to the right place at CostaPlots. The right information is provided to arrive at the best deal.

Thanks to the technology and partly with algorithm, CostaPlots can see what is the best investment for you in a certain area. This takes into account the infrastructure such as public transport, large cities, employment, transport, airports and ports.

We also thoroughly look at plots of land that meet the current requirements in the field of CO2 emissions and the latest environmental laws.

In short, CostaPlots has a reliable, quickly accessible, fully automated and consistent system.